Is a Faulty Condenser Literally Making You Hot Under the Collar?


When you jump into an overheated car on a hot summer's day, the last thing you want is for warm air to be blown into your face. Yet this is exactly what you get if the condenser dies and does not play its part in your air conditioning system. So if you encounter this type of scenario, why has the condenser failed, and what can you do about it?

How the System Should Work

The condenser is not the only part of an A/C system but is undoubtedly one of the more critical components. It needs to process high-pressure refrigerant as it flows through the system, removing unwanted heat to the outside air.

The condenser looks like a small radiator and is typically fitted to the front of the car. Its primary job is to condense the refrigerant gas into a liquid before it is forced through an expansion valve into the evaporator.

The evaporator is the component that is closest to the passenger cabin and is typically underneath the dashboard. A fan is meant to pull warm air out of the cabin and blow it across the evaporator. This will cause the heat to be absorbed and cooler air to be returned.

Clearly, if the condenser cannot remove the warm air from the system at the front end, the evaporator will not be able to do its job next to you. Instead, you'll simply get warm air out of the vents, which will add more problems you're already overheating from that harsh Australian sun.

Additional Problems

When things really start to get worse, you may even start to notice a burning smell, as other components within the system will also start to overheat. Coolant may begin to leak from underneath the condenser if it's unable to process this liquid under pressure.

Causes of Trouble

Condensers are meant to last but are still susceptible to everyday wear and tear. In this case, some of the internal seals may start to perish, and the condenser may also fail if tiny particles of debris accumulate inside. Sometimes moisture can get into the system through leaky seals, leading to a buildup of ice crystals and even more damage.

Taking Action

Unfortunately, it isn't easy to service an A/C condenser, and you may need to replace it as one. Still, you don't know what is going on until you take the vehicle to a mechanic, as they will be best placed to test the system and advise you accordingly.

For more information about auto air conditioning repair, contact a local mechanic. 


10 August 2022

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