Why You Need to Look After Your Car's Automatic Transmission Fluid


Most cars today are fitted with an automatic transmission, and this is something that the average motorist takes for granted. In truth, they may not understand how it works because a car definitely a complex mechanism. However, it does require a certain amount of maintenance during the course of its life if you are to get full value for money. You may think that wear and tear are to be expected and that failures are just part of car ownership, but in truth most automatic transmission problems can likely be traced back to issues with the lubricating fluid.

22 October 2018

Auto Service: Are You Driving Around With A Blown Gasket?


.When it comes to automotive problems, you will find that if most of them are dealt with during the early stages, you can prevent extensive damage from happening to the different components of your vehicle. One auto part that is not typically at the forefront of motorists' minds is the head gasket. As such, not many people will know what signs to look out for that would indicate this auto part has been compromised.

28 August 2018

Why You Should Never Buy a Used Car from a Private Source Without This Report


Whenever you buy a used car from a private individual, you need to exercise an element of trust. You may not be mechanically minded yourself but nevertheless need a set of wheels and your only option is to buy a second-hand vehicle. What should you bear in mind as you begin this type of negotiation, however? Hidden Problems You may prefer to trust people on face value, and this can be a good approach, as many people are honest and open.

27 June 2018

How to Fix Your Radiator Leak


Radiators are used to regulate the heat in your vehicle's engine. They are heat exchangers that use engine coolant around the engine block to dissipate heat. Some of the common problems you may encounter with radiators are overheating due to a failing thermostat, air trapped in the cooling system, a failed radiator fan or radiator leaks. Radiator leaks are the most common problem when it comes to radiator repair. The following is a method you can try that is used by mechanics to fix leaks caused by holes in your radiator system.

15 May 2018