Auto Service: Are You Driving Around With A Blown Gasket?


.When it comes to automotive problems, you will find that if most of them are dealt with during the early stages, you can prevent extensive damage from happening to the different components of your vehicle. One auto part that is not typically at the forefront of motorists' minds is the head gasket. As such, not many people will know what signs to look out for that would indicate this auto part has been compromised. This then leads to you driving around with a malfunctioning gasket and causes extensive damage to your vehicle, which could result in a complete breakdown. Therefore, it is essential to familiarise yourself with the warning signs, whether you are a petrol-head or not. So how do you know if you are driving around with a blown gasket?

White steam from your exhaust pipe

One of the telltale symptoms of a damaged head gasket is white steam emanating from your exhaust pipe. Some people make the mistake of assuming this is white exhaust smoke, which may lead to them ignoring the symptom and causing further damage to the blown gasket. If you notice white plumes coming from your exhaust pipe, it is prudent to have a mechanic give your vehicle a once-over. In the event that your gasket is blown, the issue will be rectified early, and you can avoid exorbitant repair costs.

Your engine oil has become cloudy

Checking the appearance of your engine oil would be another simple way to know whether you are driving around with a blown gasket. This is best done when your engine is warmed up; therefore, carry out your inspection after you have driven your vehicle for a few minutes. Normal engine oil is supposed to be a brownish colour. The hue of this brown will depend on the type of engine, for instance, diesel engines will typically have a darker brown engine oil colour. Take out the dipstick and inspect whether the oil coating it has any whitish streaks or if it has a cloudy appearance. The presence of milky coloured engine oil would be a sure-fire sign of a compromised gasket and requires auto servicing.

Your coolant levels are constantly low

Your engine's coolant is essential in preventing your vehicle from overheating as you drive. As such, it will require routine replenishing as it is used up depending on the frequency at which you drive your ca. If you find that you have to refill this coolant more regularly than normal, chances are you have a blown gasket that is causing the coolant to diminish drastically. It is essential to have this attended to post haste to prevent the breakdown of your engine.


28 August 2018

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