5 Signs Your Trailer's Suspension May Require Attention


When a part of your trailer starts to go bad, everything from ride quality to cargo capacity can be impacted. Additionally, problems with the trailer generally put added strain on the towing vehicle, which can result in the need for further repair work. With that in mind, it's worth fixing any problems as soon as they develop, and one common problem area is the suspension. Given that trailers often cover rough terrain and carry heavy loads, the suspension system will be one of the hardest working parts.

29 August 2023

The EME Enigma: Decoding Your Car's Engine Management Emissions


If you've ever wondered about the mysterious "EME" abbreviation on your car's dashboard, you're not alone. EME stands for "Engine Management Emissions" and it plays a significant role in the operation and efficiency of your vehicle. This article will explore what EME is, how it relates to your car, and its importance for ensuring optimal performance and reduced emissions. Understanding EME Engine Management Emissions (EME) refers to the electronic system in modern vehicles that monitors and controls various aspects of the engine's performance, with a primary focus on emissions.

17 May 2023

How to Repair a Worn Wheel Bearing on Your Car


If you have worn wheel bearings, you may wonder how difficult it is to repair them and whether it's something that you can do yourself. Is this practical, or do you need to outsource it to an expert instead? Understand What a Wheel Bearing Is Before you dive into the process of repairing your car's wheel bearing, it's important to understand what the wheel bearing actually is. It is an assembly of steel balls and races that allows the wheels of your car to rotate smoothly and quietly.

13 February 2023