Different Procedures Carried Out On Your Vehicle During Servicing


Most people only consider their car as a way of getting from one point to another. You feel a glimmer of concern when it starts sounding off, and that is when you rush it to the auto mechanic. However, you should consider giving your car the best care that you can as this is technically an investment. To do this, it has to go for regular servicing. This is similar to you going for a physical exam at your general practitioners.

29 December 2015

Quick Questions to Ask Before Having Your Car Repaired After an Accident


After an accident, you want your car repaired as quickly as possible, but you also want to ensure that you pay for quality work that lasts. If you've never had to take your car in for repairs after a collision, you may not understand everything that is involved and may make assumptions about how to choose the right shop. Note a few quick questions to ask an auto repair shop and your insurance company so you know the job is done right and you're reimbursed properly.

24 November 2015

How to Prepare Your Vehicle for a Long Distance Journey


Whether you're driving across the country with friends, taking the family on a road trip, or simply have to cover a lot of miles for work, a long distance journey will place extra strain on your vehicle. Having a breakdown in the middle of nowhere will disrupt your plans and become extremely uncomfortable in a hurry, so make sure you prepare your vehicle. Make Sure You Have the Owner's Manual

11 November 2015

The Only 3 Reasons You Need To Get A Custom Muffler For Your Performance Car


The muffler is the part of the exhaust system responsible for regulating sound output. Mufflers determine how loud or quiet a vehicle is. When it comes to performance cars, 'quiet' does not appear in the dictionary. Instead, most performance cars are fitted with custom mufflers that give off loud roars on and off the track. If you own a performance car, this article breaks down the very reasons why custom mufflers are the way to go.

23 October 2015

Considerations When Selecting a Campervan


Choosing the right campervan for a trip can be difficult and exhausting. Whether you want to buy or hire a campervan, you need to commit some serious time in researching in order to avoid some common pitfalls in this type of vehicle. Aside from the size of the vehicle depending on the number of occupants, there are many other factors that should be put into consideration. These include the following.

17 August 2015

How to know when to replace your car radiator


Your car radiator does so much more than provide heat on cold days -- it's an essential part that keeps your vehicle functioning. The radiator prevents the engine becoming damaged by excessive heat. A fault in your radiator is a serious issue that could permanently damage the engine. Knowing when your radiator needs taking in for a repair, or when it's a job you can easily do at home, is key to a long-lasting car.

8 July 2015

4 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Clutch


As any manual car driver knows, the clutch is the heart of the manual transmission. It enables transition from one gear ratio to the next by engaging and disengaging the clutch plate from the engine. A worn clutch can cause delayed shifting which is dangerous. Proper shifting, on the other hand, will enable smoother driving and even help you enjoy better fuel economy. That being said, here's how you can ensure your clutch stays in good shape.

27 March 2015

3 Cold-Weather Preparations That Professionals Undertake To Winterise Cars


While snow is a relatively rare occurrence in most parts of Australia, wet and slick winter roads are common. Winter can easily take a toll on the performance of your car if you don't take adequate care, causing perilous driving conditions that threaten the safety of you and your family. The best car mechanics will equip your car with adequate safety precautions to properly prepare it for winter. Here are some winter preparations that professionals undertake to effectively winterise cars.

25 March 2015

DIY Truck Brake Repairs


When it comes to the big stuff with your truck, it is best to have a professional mechanic take care of the truck repairs. But there are several do-it-yourself repairs you can easily do yourself, and many don't take much time at all. For instance, there are many common problems with brakes that you can do that will help to keep your repair bills down. Here are some of the most common brake problems, and how to fix them yourself.

16 March 2015

Classic Car Restoration: The Cost Factors for Body Work


Classic cars have unique appeal and their value appreciates with time after refurbishment. Restoration techniques are aimed at bringing back the original functionality and aesthetics of a vehicle that had essentially expired. It important to note that these automobiles are typically left unattended once they are declared out of commission so the exterior structure is usually damaged.   It is important to consider the expense of body work restoration before purchasing an old car you have found on sale.

16 March 2015