Classic Car Restoration: The Cost Factors for Body Work


Classic cars have unique appeal and their value appreciates with time after refurbishment. Restoration techniques are aimed at bringing back the original functionality and aesthetics of a vehicle that had essentially expired. It important to note that these automobiles are typically left unattended once they are declared out of commission so the exterior structure is usually damaged.  

It is important to consider the expense of body work restoration before purchasing an old car you have found on sale. Here are some of the factors that will affect the total charges for professional auto body repair.

Level of Restoration

Qualified panel beaters are engaged for auto body work during classic car restoration. However, the work done on the cars will vary depending on the level of work you are willing to pay for and the end goal for the automotive.

The most basic and cheapest type of refurbishment is the driver restoration which is primarily meant to restore operational function with very minimal body work. Street show tasks are aimed at a few more cosmetic adjustments; body repairs are carried out and the paint work is fixed. Show car restorations are labor-intensive and costly compared to street show alternatives.

The quality of body work for a completed classic show car should be comparable to the aesthetics of the vehicle when it was new. The most expensive type of restoration is the concourse and it is reserved for private collectors and specialist auto shows. The body panels are refurbished to perfection therefore the car is not meant for the streets.

Required Work

The amount of required work also affects the total cost of the restoration. For example, when you want street show refurbishment, the expense will be high if the car heavily dented and rusted. It is important to examine the car body before purchasing a classic car to avoid heavy financial burdens. Avoid cars with too much rust because removal of the corrosion is labor-intensive and consequently very expensive.On the other hand, dent removal is easy with the use of basic tools. Note that if there is extensive loss of structural integrity, new sheet metal may have to be used on the weak areas.

Choice of Panel Beater

Panel beaters will charge differently depending on variables such as reputation and demand. General professionals who mainly work in accident repairs will charge lower prices but the quality of work may be low. Specialists who work exclusively in restorations may have significantly higher prices but the results are typically exceptional.



16 March 2015

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