All You Need to Know About Courtesy Cars


If you have taken your car for extensive repairs, you may have heard about courtesy cars. Most car owners do not understand how courtesy cars work. Below is an extract explaining how car service courtesy cars work and how to choose one.  What Is a Courtesy Car?  A courtesy car is a service extended to a car owner whose vehicle will spend several days or weeks in the garage. The vehicle allows you to continue with your day-to-day activities as you await car repairs.

29 October 2021

Tips for Taking Your Luxury Car to Be Serviced


If you are the owner of a luxury car, then you should be concerned about things like keeping your vehicle properly serviced. This includes things like having oil changes done and having your fluids topped off on a regular basis, among other things. These tips can help you with keeping your luxury car properly serviced and in good condition. Make Sure You Do It Often Enough The first mistake that many luxury car owners make is not having their vehicles serviced enough.

29 September 2021

4 Signs That It Is Time for Professional Auto Repair To Enhance Roadworthiness


The more time you spend with a car, the more you learn to differentiate between what is normal for it and what means that you should repair it. The vehicle itself is also a computerised and electronic machine. It will indicate when something is wrong by giving you dashboard warning signs. Here are four signs that it is time to get professional auto repair to boost your car's roadworthiness.  When the Vehicle Starts Vibrating

27 July 2021

How Do You Know Your Auto Brake Pads Require a Mechanic's Attention? 5 Signs to Tell


The brakes of your automobile should stay in good working condition to ensure your safety on the road. Essentially, you should change your brake pads after covering about 75 kilometres. However, some situations may necessitate brake pad replacement before this time. Here are the symptoms that your pads are ineffective and need the attention of a mechanic:  1. Strange Unusual Noises If your brakes begin to produce squealing, grinding or squeaking noises, it might be time to visit the mechanic.

8 June 2021

Truck Repair Tips


Does your truck require some urgent repairs? Truck repairs could seem like a nerve-wracking task. This is especially true since modern trucks have complicated engine and transmission systems. Below is a guide on how to conduct truck repairs.  Work With Experienced Mechanics Consider the following when choosing a truck mechanic:  Verify that the mechanic is experienced in the repair and maintenance of your truck model. It helps ease diagnosis and prevent repair oversights.

12 April 2021

4 Signs You Need a Truck Suspension Repair


Your truck's suspension doesn't just ensure that you get a smooth ride on the road. It also helps you control your vehicle safely. If you have a problem with your suspension, you should have it fixed as soon as you can. How can you tell if your suspension has a problem? 1. You Get a Bumpy Ride If your suspension is in good nick, then you should have a smooth and even driving experience whenever you're out in your truck.

22 February 2021