How Do You Know Your Auto Brake Pads Require a Mechanic's Attention? 5 Signs to Tell


The brakes of your automobile should stay in good working condition to ensure your safety on the road. Essentially, you should change your brake pads after covering about 75 kilometres. However, some situations may necessitate brake pad replacement before this time. Here are the symptoms that your pads are ineffective and need the attention of a mechanic: 

1. Strange Unusual Noises

If your brakes begin to produce squealing, grinding or squeaking noises, it might be time to visit the mechanic. These noises are mainly a sign of extreme wear and tear. At this point, the functioning of the brakes could be compromised, and it would not be prudent to use the car. When the pads are utterly worn out, repairing them is ineffective and expensive. As such, you should have a mechanic replace them.

2. Vibration While Braking 

Vibrating brakes usually signal damage on the rotors. It could also indicate that the entire brake system is failing and needs a replacement. Vibrating brakes are quite hard to operate, making the automobile risky to use. As such, you should visit your mechanic when you notice the brakes are unsteady.

3. Brakes Seem to Be Thinner 

To identify the extent of damage to the brake pads, you should inspect them regularly. The pads are on the rotor of the vehicle's tyre. If you notice that the brake seems to be less than a centimetre thick, have them replaced. 

4. Indicator Lights

Most modern vehicles are equipped with a warning light system that will alert you when your auto-braking system is worn out. When you check your dashboard, you will notice the warning light for the brake system and anti-lock braking system (ABS) and warning light. The brake warning light normally goes on when your parking brake is engaged. However, when the light comes on and you're not parking, then your braking system is likely faulty. And so in this case, engage an expert mechanic to diagnose and fix the issue. 

5. Loss of Performance 

When your brakes take too long to stop the car, it is an indicator of wear or inadequate brake fluid. Dysfunctional brakes can lead to an accident. Therefore, you should have them replaced immediately you notice that they are not functioning effectively. 

An ineffective brake system makes your automobile risky to use. If you notice the discussed signs, have a professional mechanic diagnose your car's problem and repair or replace the pads. Contact a car mechanic for more information. 


8 June 2021

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