Truck Repair Tips


Does your truck require some urgent repairs? Truck repairs could seem like a nerve-wracking task. This is especially true since modern trucks have complicated engine and transmission systems. Below is a guide on how to conduct truck repairs. 

Work With Experienced Mechanics

Consider the following when choosing a truck mechanic: 

  • Verify that the mechanic is experienced in the repair and maintenance of your truck model. It helps ease diagnosis and prevent repair oversights.
  • Assess the mechanic's specialisation. For example, some mechanics will specialise in engine repairs while others deal with the electrical system.
  • Consider manufacturer accredited mechanics. This is especially important If your truck is under warranty.
  • Examine the mechanic's availability. Remember, you would want your truck back on the road in the shortest possible time.
  • Inquire about the mechanic's services. For instance, do they offer recovery and towing services? 

Inspection And Diagnosis

Once you inform the mechanic of the issue, they will assess your service and inspection records and your logbook servicing schedule to determine the cause of the problem. For instance, inadequate power could be caused by failing spark plugs or a worn-out fuel pump. Once the mechanic narrows down the problem, they will inspect the vehicle to determine the exact cause. For example, in the above case, the mechanic will check the fuel pump and spark plugs to know the cause of the issue. 


More often than not, truck repairs will involve the installation of replacement parts. There is a wide range of truck parts available in the market. You could go for genuine OEM, used, refurbished or aftermarket. If possible, you should always use the OEM parts. They are tested to work under intense pressures and will therefore not wear out within a few weeks. Besides, most warranties compel truck owners to use OEM parts. Used parts are your best bet when on a budget or when you cannot find OEM parts. It would be wise to inspect the part to ensure it does not have defects that can affect your truck's functionality. Seek the advice of your mechanic when using aftermarket and refurbished parts. It will help you avoid the stresses of using low-quality parts. 


After repairs, your mechanic should conduct preliminary tests to ensure that the truck is functional. Typically, they will put the truck under stress. For instance, if the vehicle has an overheating problem, the mechanic will drive it up steep inclines to check how the cooling system reacts to extreme engine loads. 

When conducting truck repairs, work with experienced mechanics, diagnose the problem and consider the recommended repair and testing tips. Contact a truck repair service for more information. 


12 April 2021

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