4 Signs You Need a Truck Suspension Repair


Your truck's suspension doesn't just ensure that you get a smooth ride on the road. It also helps you control your vehicle safely. If you have a problem with your suspension, you should have it fixed as soon as you can.

How can you tell if your suspension has a problem?

1. You Get a Bumpy Ride

If your suspension is in good nick, then you should have a smooth and even driving experience whenever you're out in your truck. However, if you have a fault in the system, then you will notice a difference here.

For example, you'll start to feel less cushioned in the driving seat. You'll feel every bump on the road. If you hit a big bump, you might even feel that your cab bounces for a while before settling down again.

2. Your Truck Is Hard to Steer

Problems with your suspension can cause alignment problems. These problems can affect your steering controls and the way your truck responds to them.

For example, you might notice that your steering wheel isn't as responsive as usual. It is harder to turn. This problem is often more noticeable when you're driving slowly.

In some cases, the first sign that you have a suspension problem is a change in the way your truck responds to your steering. For example, you might be steering straight but the truck keeps veering to one side.

3. Your Truck Dips to the Side

Your suspension system should hold your truck's body in an even and straight position. However, if you have a problem with one side of the suspension, say in a spring or strut, then you might notice that your truck no longer sits straight.

For example, you might see that one side of the truck sits lower than the rest. This is usually more noticeable at the corners.

4. You Hear Strange Noises

Suspension problems also sometimes become audible. You might hear noises you haven't heard before as you drive.

For example, you might hear a knocking or creaking noise when you drive over an uneven surface or stretch of a bumpy road. This often happens if one of your system's struts or springs is damaged; the noise usually consistently comes from the area with the problem.

If you have any concerns that you have a suspension problem, then contact a company like Tucker Suspension Services Pty Ltd. A professional auto service can source the fault and fix it to make things comfortable and safe for you again.


22 February 2021

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