The Only 3 Reasons You Need To Get A Custom Muffler For Your Performance Car


The muffler is the part of the exhaust system responsible for regulating sound output. Mufflers determine how loud or quiet a vehicle is. When it comes to performance cars, 'quiet' does not appear in the dictionary. Instead, most performance cars are fitted with custom mufflers that give off loud roars on and off the track. If you own a performance car, this article breaks down the very reasons why custom mufflers are the way to go.

Give your car a mean sound to match its superior specs

Performance is closely associated with aggressiveness. With a performance car, you want your vehicle to sound just as mean as its performance is. This can be achieved by fitting chambered mufflers into the exhaust system. These mufflers direct exhaust sounds into open chambers where they expand and become louder – wild, even. After all, how will you make your vehicle stand out from other stock cars? A throaty, deep exhaust sound makes your vehicle sound domineering, just what you need in your heavily-customized car.

Intimidate your opponents on the track

Another good reason to tweak your exhaust system into a 'sound monster' is so as to intimidate your opponents on the track. With an aggressive muffler system, your competitors will shudder at the sound of your engine revving at the starting line. As every race car driver knows, every little edge helps when on the starting line, even if it's just mind tricks. And who knows, it just might do the trick and give you an upper hand when on the track.

Make driving more fun for you

Last but most importantly, driving a performance car should be fun for you. If you're going to invest in all those expensive modifications to make your car a racing machine, you should get to enjoy its performance, right? In all honesty, a quiet performance car is not exactly impressive. Sitting behind the wheel, you should be able to hear every ounce of raw power from your car reverberating through the air every time you step on the gas pedal. Now that will give you goose bumps and a big grin every time you're in the driver's seat.

Remember you can also customize other parts of your car's exhaust system, too. These include: the valves and the valve seats, the extractors, exhaust tip(s), the catalytic converter and the exhaust pipes. Customizing these parts will allows faster exit of exhaust gasses, allowing your engine to dish out more horsepower.


23 October 2015

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