Different Procedures Carried Out On Your Vehicle During Servicing


Most people only consider their car as a way of getting from one point to another. You feel a glimmer of concern when it starts sounding off, and that is when you rush it to the auto mechanic. However, you should consider giving your car the best care that you can as this is technically an investment. To do this, it has to go for regular servicing. This is similar to you going for a physical exam at your general practitioners. Your car may not be faulty, but anything off will be spotted and rectified before it becomes a major concern. So what are some of the things included when you take your car for servicing?

Car exhaust repairs

The exhaust pipe is an essential part of your vehicle as it is connects three different parts. It links the exhaust manifold, catalytic converter and the muffler of the vehicle together. The main function of your car's exhaust pipe is routing harmful gases away from your vehicle's engine. Over time, these gases will make your car's exhaust system deteriorate. In addition, a significant amount of water vapour also leaves through the exhaust pipe and this will make it rust over time. If your exhaust system has deteriorated significantly when you take your vehicle for the car service, then the auto mechanic at a place like F J Muffler Centre may have to replace several components such as the catalytic converter, the muffler and may even change out the tail pipe.

Inspection of your fuel system

A fuel system inspection will comprise of tuning your car's engine, cleaning its fuel injector and analysing the workings of the fuel lines as well as air intake system. The inspection will also include cleaning of both the fuel and air filters. If these filters have any damages, they should be replaced during the car service. Lastly, a safety inspection should be carried out on the fuel system, concluding with a fresh oil change.

Examining your air conditioning system

If used on a regular basis, air conditioning systems tend to start experiencing some trouble in the form of leaks or change in their operational pressure. Car servicing will check for any deterioration of your AC unit and fix it accordingly. The auto mechanic will also ensure that its refrigerant is refilled. Lastly, the belt tension of the unit is also checked and adjusted accordingly if it has become loose.

Wheel alignment

This task involves ensuring that the wheels' angles are properly adjusted to the original manufacturer's specifications. Wheel alignment is necessary to ensure the even wearing of your tyres as well as ensuring your car remains stables on the road.


29 December 2015

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