Benefits of Wheel Alignment Services


The first sign that your car needs wheel alignment is when you're driving down the road and you feel like your car is drifting or pulling to one side. You may also notice that your steering wheel isn't centred. Another sign is when you realise that your tyres are wearing more on one side than the other. The following are some of the top benefits of wheel alignment services. Fuel Efficiency

14 December 2020

So What Actually Happens When You Take Your Car In For Servicing?


Car servicing is an important process that all cars should be going through on a fairly regular schedule. There are a lot of components in your car, and they all need to be running smoothly to ensure that you don't have a crash or simply to stop your car from breaking down on the side of the road. But what exactly is involved in car servicing? Here is a brief outline that walks you through the major points of car service and illustrates why it is such a necessary event for your car.

23 September 2020

4 Types of Sensors That Should Be Repaired When Your Windscreen Breaks


Many new vehicle models come packed with innovative technologies. From advanced infotainment systems to parking assist features, you can expect a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. What's even more interesting is that many vehicle technologies are embedded in the windscreen. This important piece of glass contains multiple sensors that transmit pressure, location, motion and other critical data to the car's information processing system. Some windscreens even contain augmented reality features that display speed, tyre pressure, fuel levels and much more.

17 July 2020

How Engineers Use Sophisticated Equipment to Repair a Badly Damaged Car


If a driver has badly damaged a vehicle in a massive crash, it will need to be inspected by an insurance adjuster. This individual is trained to assess the extent of the damage and will determine whether it is economically viable to repair the car or classify it as an insurance write-off. These adjusters will, in turn, be aware of the latest technology and solutions made available by engineering companies to help repair any badly damaged vehicles.

30 December 2019

4 Parts Of Your Ute That May Need Repairs After A Front Tyre Blowout


Of all the various mishaps you may encounter while driving your ute, suffering a tyre blowout is one of the scariest and dangerous. Front tyre blowouts can be particularly harrowing. Fortunately, modern tyres are specifically designed to minimise the chance of blowouts as much as possible, but they can still occur if your tyres are sub-standard, or they have suffered damage due to extreme heat or obstacles in the road. 

15 October 2019

Can You Reregister a Car That Has Been Written off by the Insurance Company?


If you own a car that is four or five years old, then you may have racked up those kilometres as you went back and forth to work every day. As the weeks and months went by, you knew that the vehicle was depreciating to a certain extent and that today, it is worth a lot less than it was when it was new. You may not have been aware, however, how an insurance company would value your car in relation to its cost of repair, should it be involved in a major accident.

23 September 2019

Why the Air Conditioning System in Your Car Is Different to Your Home


If you've ever had to take your car into an air conditioning specialist for repairs, you may wonder why it's not more robust and why manufacturers use certain 'weaker' components instead of others. For example, you may wonder why they use flexible rubber pipes which are bound to deteriorate with time or why the condenser is so vulnerable to damage. In particular, you may wonder why the refrigerant gas seems to deplete and why you need to have it recharged.

7 June 2019