So What Actually Happens When You Take Your Car In For Servicing?


Car servicing is an important process that all cars should be going through on a fairly regular schedule. There are a lot of components in your car, and they all need to be running smoothly to ensure that you don't have a crash or simply to stop your car from breaking down on the side of the road. But what exactly is involved in car servicing? Here is a brief outline that walks you through the major points of car service and illustrates why it is such a necessary event for your car.

Replacing And Checking Fluids

Apart from the petrol your car runs on, there are many other fluids present in some of your cars internal systems. Over time these fluids need to be replaced, and generally, your car servicing includes this. From your coolant to the oil, every liquid involved in making your car run is examined and either topped up, replaced or left alone if it is within normal guidelines. Without this regular monitoring of fluids, your car is liable to breakdown much sooner, and the cost then will be to replace major parts such as your engine or radiator. 

Testing All Systems

From your brakes to your battery, car servicing includes a thorough test of all your major systems. If your steering is pulling a little bit to one side or another then a car service will find that out and test reasons why that could be the case. If your brakes are behaving a little slower than usual, then the mechanics will spend more time on figuring out why and what they can do. Most of the time these tests are quick because nothing is wrong, but if something is amiss, then the repair could take a bit longer. Luckily, catching these problems during servicing can save you a lot of money and time down the track, so it is worth the hassle. 

Checking The Externals

A car service will also make sure that your car's exhaust is running properly and that all of your lights work, both your brake lights and your regular, night lights. A poor exhaust can be the cause of many issues that you can't quite figure out on your own. Lights also must be regularly checked so that the bulbs do not burn out while you are on the road. Also, sometimes car services will check your windscreen wipers and the water they eject, as well as your air conditioning and fans. 

To learn more about car servicing, reach out to a local auto shop.


23 September 2020

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