How Engineers Use Sophisticated Equipment to Repair a Badly Damaged Car


If a driver has badly damaged a vehicle in a massive crash, it will need to be inspected by an insurance adjuster. This individual is trained to assess the extent of the damage and will determine whether it is economically viable to repair the car or classify it as an insurance write-off. These adjusters will, in turn, be aware of the latest technology and solutions made available by engineering companies to help repair any badly damaged vehicles. Armed with this information, they may determine that technicians can fix the car, even though it looks horrible to the naked eye. What type of solutions and technology can they use?

Robot Assessment

Years ago, panel beaters would have to rely on brute force and some rudimentary equipment to help straighten out a badly bent frame. They would often rely on their experience and good judgement rather than precise information as they tried to determine whether the vehicle was fit for future use. These days, however, the process is a great deal more sophisticated. Many repair shops have robotic equipment that can move over the whole vehicle to precisely assess the extent of the damage. These robots are connected via wireless to a nearby processor and will refer to manufacturer data held within the software program. A nearby engineer will compare the readings and will be able to work out how to repair the vehicle with a high degree of precision.

Using the Ram

For example, if the collision bent several parts of the body frame, then engineers will need to use a hydraulic ram to pull them back to the original position. They'll attach this equipment to the relevant part of the frame, refer to the original manufacturer specifications and restore the frame to its former glory. If they need to, they will then deploy the robot once again to make sure that they did the work correctly, and this will allow the engineer to sign off with the insurance company.

Finished Work

Of course, the panel beaters will invariably need to spend more time to patch up panels and to paint the vehicle at the end of the process, but at least they can rely on sophisticated equipment to help them with the significant work.

Your Choice

Make sure that you take your vehicle to a facility that is equipped with the latest hardware and software and has skilled engineers on hand to complete the job efficiently. Contact a company that offers services like Maserati smash repair for more information.


30 December 2019

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