4 Types of Sensors That Should Be Repaired When Your Windscreen Breaks


Many new vehicle models come packed with innovative technologies. From advanced infotainment systems to parking assist features, you can expect a safer and more enjoyable driving experience. What's even more interesting is that many vehicle technologies are embedded in the windscreen. This important piece of glass contains multiple sensors that transmit pressure, location, motion and other critical data to the car's information processing system.

Some windscreens even contain augmented reality features that display speed, tyre pressure, fuel levels and much more. But as durable as windscreens are, they aren't resistant to cracks or breaks. A broken windscreen could affect many different parts of your vehicle. If the glass panel isn't working as intended by the manufacturer, it may affect the safety, manoeuvrability or comfort of your vehicle. This is why repairing a broken windscreen glass as soon as possible is critical. When your windscreen breaks, the following sensors may need to be repaired as part of the servicing process.

1. Security sensors

During windscreen repairs, you should prioritise fixing the security sensors. There are many safety features that are incorporated into your windscreen glass. For example, some vehicles have alarms in the windscreen so they can be triggered when the glass is broken. Other vehicle models also transmit impact signals from the windscreen to the infotainment system when an accident occurs.

If these sensors were to malfunction, the glass wouldn't be as useful as originally intended by the manufacturer. Make sure your security sensors are either re-installed or recalibrated when repairing a broken windscreen.  

2. Pressure sensors

Modern vehicle windscreens also contain sensors that can detect changes in pressure. This feature is useful because the pressure sensors ensure that your vehicle remains stable while travelling at high speeds. Indeed, incorrect airflow may affect the handling and manoeuvrability of your vehicle while it's on the road.

During repairs, check that all pressure sensing equipment on your windscreen glass is performing up to standard. This can be done by reading through the repair reports that your mechanic provides after servicing is complete.  

3. Shatter-proof sensors

Some windscreens contain sensors that trigger an alarm when the glass is broken. In the case of shattering, the sensors transmit an audible signal that alerts you to potential theft or accident situations. These shatter-proof sensors are critical for both safety and security, which is why they should be repaired or replaced when servicing the windscreen glass.

4. Motion detection sensors

Some vehicles also contain motion detection sensors on the windscreen glass. These sensors can track movement inside or outside the vehicle (up to a certain distance). You can set different parameters for the sensors to respond to specific situations. In this way, the movement inside the vehicle may trigger a notification to your infotainment system. Make sure motion sensors are repaired when fixing a broken windscreen.

For more information, contact a vehicle repair service in your area.


17 July 2020

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