3 Signs of Vehicle Mechanical Repairs You Don't Want to Ignore


Some repair work that your car needs may be minor and can wait until you can better afford it; a small hole in a muffler can be loud and annoying and a broken dashboard fan can mean being uncomfortable during extreme temperatures, but these problems rarely interfere with the overall safety of your vehicle. However, some mechanical repairs should never wait even if they seem minor. Note a few signs that your vehicle needs immediate repair and why you should never ignore these problems with your car.

1. Soft brakes

Soft brakes, meaning those that don't grip the wheels very well and which you need to virtually stand on to get to work, are very dangerous. Typically this means you have a leak somewhere in the brake lines and your car is losing brake fluid. If you ignore this problem it can mean the fluid dripping out entirely so that your brakes suddenly fail.

In some cases the brake pads may have slipped out of place so that they're not gripping the rotors of the wheels very well. This too can get worse over time and if the pads slip completely, they can slide into the wheel well and your car may come to a sudden stop. You would then need to have the car towed to a repair facility. No matter the cause, never ignore soft brakes but have them checked as soon as possible.

2. Difficulty steering

As with brakes, your steering system works with fluid that allows the steering column to turn and direct the tires of the car. If the fluid leaks out then you may have difficulty turning the wheel. It may become very tight or very loose, but in either case, this too is not a problem to be ignored. When the steering fluid leaks out entirely then your steering may lock up, and this can happen while on the road. Have this problem checked as soon as you notice any struggles with your steering.

3. Odd smells from under the hood

When fluids leak from hoses or housing units, they may have an odd smell as they come into contact with the hot components of your engine. A sweet smell usually means radiator fluid, whereas a stronger, more pungent industrial smell could mean brake fluid, transmission fluid, or even motor oil is leaking. If you notice any strong, odd smells coming from under the hood of your car it's best to have everything checked so that fluid leaks can be contained before a major system seizes up entirely.

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16 March 2015

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