Truck Repairs: Understanding Cab Alignment


In many truck accidents, the cab of the truck is usually affected. The extent of the damage can range from a broken bumper to a crushed cab. The latter is almost guaranteed in cases of head-on collisions. In any truck accident where the cab needs considerable repairs, a realignment service is usually required. Read on to learn more.

What is cab alignment?

Most truck drivers understand chassis alignment. Cab alignment is almost the same, except the cab is the part being fitted in alignment to the rest of the truck. Cab alignment is only necessary where the cab had been previously removed from the assembly or where the cab had suffered heavy damage during an accident. The process seeks to ensure that the cab has been fitted parallel to the front axle and perpendicular to the chassis.

Why is cab alignment important in trucks?

Cab alignment in a truck is vital for three major reasons. These are:

  1. Axle alignment: if the truck's cab is not properly aligned, chances are that the front axle, too, won't be perpendicular to the chassis. This will bring about a 'dog-tracking' problem where the cab will be moving to one direction while the rear axles will be moving in a completely different direction.
  2. Handling: If the cab is not properly aligned to the truck's body, the driver will not be in a position to handle the vehicle correctly. This is because he/she will manoeuvre the vehicle in relation to the cab's positioning, which will be incorrect. This will affect turning, cornering, and changing lanes.
  3. Rear visibility: If the cab is not parallel to the truck's body, the driver will not have full rear visibility. His seating position will be skewed, and this can affect his awareness of the different blind spots.

How is cab alignment done?

Cab alignment in a truck is achieved through use of laser aligners, panel beating and panel replacement. The laser aligners are used to check if the cab is parallel to the frame and the chassis. If not, the inconsistent areas are checked and marked for alignment. Alignment is often carried out through panel beating. The dented panels are removed, straightened, and then refitted correctly. Panels that do not re-attach properly have to be replaced. The front axle, too, is checked to ensure that it's parallel to the rear axles. Front wheel alignment may be required as well.

If your truck has been in an accident, talk to your mechanic about cab alignment and other truck repairs. Note that cab alignment may also be required periodically to correct inconsistencies brought about by rough driving, axle damage and replacement of front wheels.


5 February 2016

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