Steering and suspension | Troubleshooting your car's steering problems


The steering wheel gives you power over the vehicle. It's what assists you in dictating the direction your car should take, and this makes it a very important component of the vehicle. A lot takes place between your steering wheel and tyres, and the complex system that gives you all that control may sometimes experience a few hiccups. It's worth noting some of the most common complications with the steering wheel and what causes them. Knowing these problems will undoubtedly save you time and money when diagnosing them.

Vibrating steering

One of the most popular problems that arises with the steering is vibration when using it. What makes this issue so common is that it has a variety of causes. The vibration usually feels as though the steering is fighting your grip. The vibration may originate from various points.

A vibration that's only felt when braking is a sign that the brake discs are malfunctioning. You'll need to get a professional who'll inspect your braking system and replace the brake discs if need be.

However, if the vibration originates at low and high speeds, then you may be facing a problem with your wheel alignment. Your wheels may be out of balance, and the best solution is to have them realigned. If the problem began after you knocked over an obstacle such as a tree, then your rims or suspension components may be damaged. Head to a mechanic for repair.

Steering takes great effort to turn

When the steering starts using more effort than it used to, chances are that the power steering fluid levels have dropped considerably. The stiffness may also be caused by faulty binding wheel components. It's not so hard to identify the culprit.

Simply get under the hood of your car and find the power fluid reservoir. The reservoir is usually located close to the engine. You can then check the fluid levels using the dipstick, and if the level is below "MIN", then refill it.

However, if the levels are between the 'MIN' and 'MAX' levels, then lift the car off its wheels and check if the steering is still difficult to rotate. If so, then the binding components are faulty. Take your vehicle for a repair.

Screeching or whistling sound when steering

If steering the wheel causes a loud noise, then your steering pump belt is worn out or loose. This belt is what drives various peripheral accessories like the alternator and power steering pump. You'll have to replace the steering pump belt with another to stop the loud noises. You may also know that the belt is faulty when it has got cracks.


4 May 2016

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