Steering Woes | 3 Check To Undertake When Your Power Steering Fails


Most modern cars are fully armed with power steering to ensure that you enjoy a smooth drive at all times. Over time, ignoring regular maintenance can cause your power steering to fail. This tough situation could compromise your safety, so make sure you undertake these necessary checks when your power steering fails.

Check For Fall In Power Steering Fluid Level

If you fail to check your power steering fluid levels regularly, then chances are that low levels have caused your entire system to fail. Low levels may indicate a leak in the system or it could be because you haven't checked it in a while. The power steering fluid reservoir is located under the bonnet, most often on the passenger side. Most cars have semi-transparent reservoirs, making it easy for you to check fluid levels without opening the cap. If you notice the levels low, then refill the reservoir and your power steering should start functioning once again.

Check The Power Steering Pump

Screeching sounds coming from a car is never a good sign, but it can signify different problems. If your power steering fails and you hear screeching sounds when you rotate the steering wheel or drive leisurely, then it is usually because of a failing power steering pump. A power steering pump creates fluid pressure to push it against the piston for powering the steering system. When it fails, there isn't enough fluid pressure created. Power steering pumps can fail because of rust, leaks or buildup of debris over time. A professional mechanical shop best undertakes a power steering pump check because they will need to assess whether it can be repaired or whether it needs complete replacement.

Check The Drive Belt

Your car's drive belt needs to have the exact amount of tension or it can result in a power steering pump failure. The drive belt is a winding belt that allows your power steering pump to run smoothly. Over time, this belt can slip off or break away from the drive train because of a faulty pulley mechanism. This may start causing vibrations when you turn your power steering. If your steering wheel vibrates excessively while you drive, then you may need to get your drive belts replaced. Get your drive belt checked during a regular visit to the car mechanic to ensure that it runs at the right tension. 

Your car's power steering can compromise your safety while you drive, so it's important that you undertake these checks when your power steering fails.


18 May 2016

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