Car care tips 101| 4 basic ways to get the best performance from your vehicle


How well you take care of your vehicle says a lot about your personality and character. For instance, a car that breaks down a lot because it is never serviced. So, if you own a vehicle and would like to get the best performance from it, take a look at some of the following interesting tips.

Use synthetic oil

Thanks to technology, you can now move from using old conventional oils to adopting the newly developed synthetic oil. Even though this modern oil may be a bit costly, it promises an improvement on your car's performance due to its greater breakdown resistance. Use it and you won't have to worry about those road side embarrassing moments anymore. Synthetic oil would also give you more miles, since it also lasts longer than ordinary oil. With that in mind, the higher price would definitely be worth it.

Drive smart

One way to get the best from your car is by driving it intelligently. First of all, always calculate your braking and avoid stopping the car suddenly. This keeps your tires from wearing out and elongates their life. Additionally, stay away from aggressive driving. In fact, such driving is not only dangerous, but it also reduces your gas mileage by around 33 percent on highways and five percent on streets. Smooth driving would improve your fuel efficiency for better performance and enable you to save on fuel costs.

Take care of your transmission system

A great deal of your car's performance is determined by how well the transmission system functions. That means you need to take care of your transmission fluid. Replace the fluid immediately if it starts aging. You can tell when it is aging because its colour turns brown or black. Replacing it with the same kind or moving on to something better is recommended. However, that depends on your budget.  Good transmission fluid would give you better lubrication of moving parts and also facilitate smoother gear shifts.

A clogged transmission filter would inhibit a smooth flow of the fluid, so remember to change it too.

Take care of your exhaust system

The cleaner your engine is, the better your vehicle is going to perform. To ensure the efficiency of your emissions system, always fix leaks quickly. The first place to check is the manifold, followed by the gasket and then the pipe junctures. Also, repair any broken hangers to reduce strain on other car parts, and mend any faulty sensors so as to improve your gas mileage.


29 June 2016

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