Four Things New Car Owners Need to Know About Transmissions


If you're a first-time car owner, it helps to know as much about your vehicle as possible, and to that end, you should know the basics of several parts of your car. Wondering about the transmission? Here are four things new car owners need to know about transmissions.

1. How to check the fluid

Your transmission, like many other parts of your car, needs fluids to run properly, and without the correct amount of fluid in place, you will have metal rubbing against metal, overheating and all kinds of issues. Luckily, it's easy to check it.

Open the bonnet, and find the transmission cap. Typically, engines have one cap for the engine and one for the transmission. They should be labeled, but in some cases, they are colour coded, and the code is explained in the owner's manual. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it clean and dip it back in. If the stick shows moisture up to the line notched into the stick, your fluids are fine. If the moisture doesn't go up to that line, you need to call a professional transmission service.

2. Signs of trouble

In addition to low fluid, other signs of transmission trouble include whirring or clunking, especially when the car changes gears. If your car won't change gears or if the check transmission light appears on the dash, those are also signs of trouble. Finally, burning smells and noises when the vehicle is in neutral also indicate that your transmission may need a repair.

3. Protecting the transmission

It's important to know the signs of transmission failure, but it's also important to know how to safeguard your transmission from issues. If you have an automatic, never change gears while the car is moving, and make sure that you are careful so that you never knock the car into park while it is moving. Additionally, you may want to be a bit gentle with braking and shifting into gear, especially on hot days. Finally, don't overload your vehicle. For example, hauling a heavy trailer could lead to transmission issues if your vehicle isn't designed for that.

4. Changing Fluids

In addition to topping up fluids as needed, you also need to occasionally change your transmission fluids. A transmission service professional can do this for you, and they can also check the transmission to see if it needs any other repairs. Generally, you should change your transmission fluids based on your mileage, as recommended by the car manufacturer.


22 December 2016

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