Why the Air Conditioning System in Your Car Is Different to Your Home


If you've ever had to take your car into an air conditioning specialist for repairs, you may wonder why it's not more robust and why manufacturers use certain 'weaker' components instead of others. For example, you may wonder why they use flexible rubber pipes which are bound to deteriorate with time or why the condenser is so vulnerable to damage. In particular, you may wonder why the refrigerant gas seems to deplete and why you need to have it recharged. What's different about your vehicle's A/C, and what should you do?

Different Environment

It's important to remember that the air conditioning system in your car is rather different to your household circuit. The system in your vehicle has to withstand a lot more, as it is contained within a moving vehicle and subject to a wild range of temperatures. It needs to deal with a large amount of vibration and damage from external debris, and it has to be quite flexible, as otherwise it would literally shake apart.

Flexibility Required

This is why the pipes connecting various components are made from rubber due to their inherent flexibility. If solid metal pipes were used to route the refrigerant gas from place to place under pressure, then they would likely fracture instead.

Inevitable Deterioration

Unfortunately, leaks can develop where pipes are punctured and where joints start to deteriorate, and inevitably, the system will discharge slowly but surely. This will certainly affect its efficiency, but you should pay as much attention as possible to routine maintenance and this will help to mitigate any loss.

Experts Only

It's also important to take your vehicle in to a qualified and experienced mechanic to test its efficiency and to recharge or 'regas' the system. They will need to check that all the components are in working order and, crucially, that the rubber pipes are still intact. If not, then a recharge will only be temporary as the new refrigerant gas will simply leak out of the existing holes. Any damage should, therefore, be fixed before the system is re-gassed, and an experienced technician will know exactly what to look for.

Better Understanding

So, spare a thought for your vehicle's air conditioning system, which has to put up with a lot more stress than the corresponding unit in your home. Make sure that you maintain it according to manufacturer recommendations, and always work with experienced technicians for best effect.


7 June 2019

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