Don't Need to Service an Automatic Transmission? Think Again


Has a well-meaning friend told you that you do not need to worry about an automatic transmission from a reliability point of view? They may have told you that you simply need to drain the fluid occasionally and replace it with new, and that will be perfectly okay. Yet this is not the best approach if you want your system to last as long as possible and avoid the risk of a breakdown in the future. Instead, you should ensure that the transmission is serviced carefully by a qualified mechanic, who will look at one part in particular. What do you need to know about the risk here?

Easy Street

An automatic transmission system is designed to make the driver's job a lot easier. As if by magic, it will automatically disconnect the engine from the transmission when you stop at a traffic light, and it will instantly select the correct gear for that steep hill ahead. All of this is possible due to a special part called the "torque converter." Within the converter are a number of crucial parts that help to pump hydraulic fluid through a turbine and stator, depending on the current requirement.

Accumulating Problems

When the fluid is pumped through the turbine, centrifugal force will push it towards the outside of the converter housing. As the vehicle moves away, the turbine will increase its speed, and fluid will be flung to the outside of the housing with more force. This is where the potential problem may arise over time due to microscopic particles of metal or dirt contained within the fluid. These will accumulate naturally over the months and years due to friction and elevated temperature, and while many particles will be caught within the filter, others will stick to the inside wall of the converter housing.

The Risk of Damage

If these particles are left to accumulate for an extended period, they will begin to pose a risk to the system. They could clump together and eventually break away from the wall, coming into contact with other finely tuned parts. This could lead to malfunction and eventually damage, with the threat of breakdown.

How to Get Rid of the Problem

It's simply not enough to drain the electronic fluid and expect to get rid of this issue. Those tiny particles will adhere to the inside of the housing and will take some persuasion to release. This is why it's essential to take your car to a mechanic for a full automatic transmission service. During this visit, the technician will attach a special tool that will pull all of the old fluid from the inner recesses of the converter and send special chemicals through to loosen the accumulated dirt.


6 January 2022

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